Technical Team

ProSynth have a highly technically competent team of chemists, culminating in over 300 years of collective experience and are sited on many original discovery patents.

Dr Dave Compton

Technical Sales & Operations Director

Dave began his chemistry career in 1982, at the age of sixteen, and spent the next thirteen years studying part time, culminating in an Applied Chemistry Degree followed by a PhD in Organic Polymer Chemistry. This was achieved whilst fulfilling various, and ultimately senior, technical and business development roles within a UK based industrial scale fine chemicals manufacturer.

Dave joined ProSynth in 2010 as Technical Director and more recently (2019) transitioned to Technical Sales Director where his proven technical ability and significant sales experience have allowed the rapid generation and delivery of many new projects for new and existing customers, frequently outside ProSynths’ traditional customer base

Together with the Commercial Manager, he retains ultimate responsibility for generating, managing and successfully delivering new and existing projects for all ProSynths’ customers.

Dr Dave Wood

Principal Chemist

Dave Graduated from UWIST (now Cardiff University) with a BSc 1987 and then from University College, Cardiff (now Cardiff University) in 1990 with a PhD in organic photochromic compounds.

Dave began his chemistry career in 1990 where he worked on the scale-up and development of multi-step organic synthesis to manufacture at plant scales. He worked on many in-house and custom synthesis projects and lead a small new products development group developing a wide range of indoles and boronic acids.

Dave joined ProSynth in 2000 and worked on fine chemical and custom organic synthesis. Dave has experience and interest in a very wide range of ‘small molecule’ multi-step organic transformations and particularly enjoys Grignard and lithium chemistry.

Dr Neil Henderson

Senior Chemist

In 1984 Neil graduated from Sunderland Polytechnic with a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry with Economics. Between 1987 and 1990 Neil gained his MSc and PhD.

In 1993 Neil began his chemistry career and by 1999 became Principle Scientist for a Chemical Process Research Group, project managing a number of pre-clinical and early development stage small-molecule projects.

In 2008 Neil joined ProSynth as a Senior Chemist where he specialises in cryogenic custom synthesis, carbon-carbon bond forming reactions and all aspects of chromatography.

Dr Tad Podgorski

Senior Chemist

In 1984 Tad graduated from Sheffield City Polytechnic (now Sheffield Hallam University) with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry. Between 1984 and 1987 Tad gained his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry. Between 1987 and 1988 Tad gained his Postdoctoral Fellowship (Enzymes in Organic Chemistry) from the University of Genoa, Italy.

In 1989 Tad began his chemistry career and went on to occupy roles within the chemical industry, but all centred around organic chemistry at varying scales, from laboratory to full scale production.

In 2009 Tad joined ProSynth as a Senior Chemist where he has developed particular expertise in the preparation of novel organoalkyl phosphorous containing monomers. He also has significant understanding of analytical chemistry and associated operating standards.

Quality Control Department

Adrian Goff

Quality Control Manager

ProSynths Quality Control Department is lead by Adrian, who began his ProSynth career in 1997. Whilst working as a Production Chemist, Adrian was sponsored by ProSynth to study for his BSc Hons in Chemistry from Anglia Ruskin University. In 2013 Adrian took the decision to transition over to the analytical side and was soon made Quality Control Manager, where he has gained certifications for the self-maintenance and calibrations of his instrumentation, secures investment from internal resource to enhance the department and continues to furnish ProSynths long-standing relationships with our external analysis providers.

With his fundamental understanding of the production process, balanced with his meticulous adherence to the client’s specifications and expectations, Adrian maintains a very low failure rate and consistently delivers first class internal product analysis and analytical methodologies.

Production Team

Production Manager Rick Ratcliffe oversees the day to day function of our Production Team as well as being hands on himself. Zak Connor (MSc) and Gareth Nowill (BSc, hons) have collectively amassed decades of experience in the fine chemicals industry, performing process chemistry, specifically – process development, preparation, work up and then specialist purification such as fractional distillation and column chromatography if required.