The Board

Our people are our greatest asset. It is through the dedication and expertise of our people that ProSynth continues to serve its clients with precision and excellence.

Howard Craven

Managing Director

Howard is Managing Director of Prosynth.

Howard began his career in advanced organic chemistry in 1992. Howard joined ProSynth in 1996 as a production chemist before joining the ProSynth board as Production Director in 1999.

As Production Director Howard was responsible for all aspects of the ProSynth production process. The multifaceted role entailed cost effective raw material procurement, specialized equipment sourcing and project managing ProSynth’s talented team of scientists.

Howard is a logistics expert. His detailed organisation and implementation of complex operations enable ProSynth’s team of scientists to achieve CRO excellence, precision synthesis and production efficiency in line with client expectations.

Howard has developed strategic alliances with ProSynth certified commercial scaling partners, thereby enabling clients to produce their ‘ProSynth developed process’ high purity products in commercial quantities.

For twenty years Howard has been the driving force behind ProSynth’s operational prowess. Now Howard is our Managing Director and looks forward to expanding the ProSynth brand and ensuring ProSynth remains a world renowned CRO.

Dr Dave Compton

Technical Sales Director

Dave began his chemistry career in 1982, at the age of sixteen, and spent the next thirteen years studying part time, culminating in an Applied Chemistry Degree followed by a PhD in Organic Polymer Chemistry. This was achieved whilst fulfilling various, and ultimately senior, technical and business development roles within a UK based industrial scale fine chemicals manufacturer.

Dave joined ProSynth in 2010 as Technical Director and more recently (2019) transitioned to Technical Sales Director where his proven technical ability and significant sales experience have allowed the rapid generation and delivery of many new projects for new and existing customers, frequently outside ProSynths’ traditional customer base

Together with the Commercial Manager, he retains ultimate responsibility for generating, managing and successfully delivering new and existing projects for all ProSynths’ customers.

Dr James Morey

Technical Director

James graduated from UMIST (now the University of Manchester) with an MChem  in 2001 and then from the University of Cambridge in 2008 with a PhD in organometallic chemistry.

He has gained considerable experience in both the pharmaceutical and organic electronics industries, specialising in discovery & lead optimisation and blue polymer-organic light emitting diode (P-OLED) research programmes respectively.

James joined ProSynth in 2016 as our Custom Synthesis Manager where he was primarily involved in the coordination and development of the custom synthesis business stream. During this time, James has been a huge asset to both the Technical and Management teams, culminating in his appointment  as Technical Director in 2019 where he oversees the management and delivery of our clients synthetic and analytical chemistry requirements.

Rebecca Payne

Commercial Manager & Company Secretary

Rebecca began her career at ProSynth in 2004 as an administrator primarily responsible for order processing. Being responsible for the timely despatch of orders, Rebecca qualified as an ADR and an IATA shipper to safely ship non-hazardous and hazardous materials domestically and worldwide.

Demonstrating a willingness to develop the role Rebecca was promoted to Office Manager in 2006 to ensure the smooth running of all office activities. ProSynth agreed to sponsor Rebecca to study for a BA Hons degree in Business Management at the University of Suffolk of which she graduated in 2009.

As a long serving employee, Rebecca was entrusted with the role of Company Secretary to ensure ProSynth comply with all legal and statutory requirements.
In 2015 Rebecca was assigned the role of Commercial Manager where she continues to promote ProSynths services, maintain existing client relations and develops opportunities with new potential clients.