Supply of Process Development Studies

Supply of Process Development Studies, a Pre-Clinical Toxicology Batch and Approved Intermediates to Support Development of CellCentric CCS1477

The first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor, CCS1477, is currently being evaluated in the clinic to determine efficacy against prostate and haematological cancers.

CellCentric’s philosophy of drug discovery and development is based on utilising a network of collaborators, consultants and specialist Contract Research Organisations (CRO’s). ProSynth were approached on the basis of our significant experience within the area of Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC). By working closely with the project’s Discovery Chemistry partner, we devised and implemented an optimised chemical synthesis of CCS1477 on a suitably large scale. This provided the quality material required for the initial pre-clinical toxicology studies. Subsequently, we effectively completed the technical transfer and supplied the required amounts of approved intermediates to the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturer to support ongoing clinical assessment in man.

As the project progressed, ProSynth were tasked with some further development work aimed at ensuring the potential route of manufacture is as cost-effective as possible.

ProSynth are proud to have made a significant contribution to the development of this important project.