High purity Fine Chemical for use in the electronics industry

Prosynth received an enquiry for a fine chemical from a client we had successfully worked with before on another project. The material needed to be of high purity and very low in metal content and chloride ion for use in the electronics industry.

They had initially enquired from other companies with a view to this material being needed in semi bulk quantities but were unable to get any interest due to the small quantity. Only 100g was needed for trial work. They had purchased material from various sources but these had neither the purity nor performance they required.

The 100g sample was enough for the customer to perform their development studies while we continued to develop and refine our method. After three months, Prosynth was asked to manufacture a 5kg batch, followed by a further 20kg batch one month later; for supply to our customers manufacturing facility for qualification. Two months later we received an order for 350kg. After successful supply we received an order for a further 450kg which is ongoing.

As the next annual projection exceeded Prosynth’s in-house capacity, a scale partner was brought in. We transferred our methodology, they produced another qualification batch of 100kg and have now taken over the supply where our clients 2MT – 6MT / year requirement is met.