Evaluation of a Reactor Filter-Dryer (RFD)

ProSynth enjoys an excellent reputation for its flexible, “will do” attitude towards business opportunities in any area of preparative chemistry. We had been working with a client for several weeks on batch-based, three stage synthesis of an advanced water treatment material. The product was based on an organically modified inorganic material and as such, was completely insoluble in water/organic solvents.

As with all bulk water treatment materials, to be successful in the marketplace, they will ultimately need to be produced in large volumes at minimum cost. To this aim, our customer employed an independent scale-up specialist (chemical engineering) company, to assist in the process development.

The chemical engineers suggested that, given the nature of both the chemistry and materials involved, it may well be possible to carry out the entire three stage synthesis in combined reactor filter/dryer.

A suitably sized RFD was sourced and installed in ProSynths’ facilities by our in-house engineer and operated by ProSynths’ technical staff.

The project was of 3 months duration and was successful in identifying not only the characteristics of the RFD but also the starting material, both of which would be necessary if the production concept were to be scaled up further.