Production & Equipment

  • Multi batch operation using 30+ 20L glass flasks.
  • In-house scales of 100g – 100kg.
  • Five 50L 4 bar Stainless Steel reactors
  • Rotary evaporators 1x50L 4x20L 4x5L, for solvent recovery and solids drying.
  • Glass lined reaction vessels, jacketed and controllable (2L – 10L)
  • Temperatures from -150 (liquid nitrogen) to +200 degrees
  • Pressure to 4 bar (2 Parr shakers), 2.5L operating capacity
  • High vacuum fraction distillation with a range of high resolution columns – Vigreux to Fenske packed (300mm – 1000mm), 2 Bubble cap columns (600mm vacuum jacketed and 1000mm). All can be adapted with reflux ratio split.
  • Chromatographic purification – Jones, BiotageTM and large packed columns
  • Short path wipes film evaporator, Capacity 10kg-20kg / day

Chemistry Highlights

All the classics and many more…

  • Organometallics – extensive use of n-butyl lithium & various Grignard reagents (in house prepared or commercial available)
  • Precious metal catalysis – a wide range of coupling reactions.
  • Friedel-Crafts acylation
  • Reduction Chemistry – using hydride reagents, boranes, dissolving metals and hydrogenation
  • Chiral Products – by chiral pool synthesis, by chiral induction and by classical resolution.