ProSynth has a highly technically competent staff of twenty. With 300 years of collective experience in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our technical team consists of seven PhD chemists, two MSC chemists and five chemists who are qualified to at least degree level.

Dr Donald Gilbert - Prosynth

Dr Donald Gilbert

Managing Director

Don gained a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Cambridge in 1977. He spent the first eleven years of his career with NIPA Laboratories, followed by four years at Melford Laboratories.

He co-founded ProSynth with Brian Nash in 1992.

Howard Craven - Prosynth

Howard Craven

Production Director

After 5 years of experience in allied industries, Howard began his formal career in Chemistry back in 1987.

He joined ProSynth in 1996 and it soon became apparent his ability to manage people and multiple projects were his major strengths. He achieved the position of Production Director in 1999 and continues in this position to date, alongside this he maintains a strong customer focus and routinely manages accounts for key customers.

Dr David Compton - Prosynth

Dr David Compton

Technical Director

Dave started his career in chemistry in 1982 at the age of sixteen; he was awarded a PhD in Organic Polymer Chemistry from the University of Wolverhampton in 1999.

Dave spent 28 years at Robinson Brothers Ltd in research, production, and commercial roles before joining ProSynth in 2010. While he is primarily responsible for day to day technical issues, he retains a strong customer focus and a keen interest in business development.

James Morey - Prosynth

Dr James Morey

Custom Synthesis Manager

James has gained considerable experience in both the pharmaceutical and organic electronics industries, specialising in discovery & lead optimisation and blue polymer-organic light emitting diode (P-OLED) research programmes respectively.

He graduated from UMIST (now the University of Manchester) in 2001 and then from the University of Cambridge in 2008 with a PhD in organometallic chemistry.

James joined ProSynth in 2016 and he is primarily involved in the coordination and development of the custom synthesis business stream.

Rebecca Payne - Prosynth

Rebecca Payne

Commercial Manager & Company Secretary

Rebecca has been with ProSynth for over fourteen years and been responsible for processing customer orders and executing their timely dispatch domestically and worldwide, (using her ADR and IATA qualifications as necessary).

This experience has placed Rebecca well for her new role as Commercial Manager, where she promotes ProSynths services, maintains existing client relations and develops opportunities with new potential clients  through a variety of marketing activities.

Rebecca is also our Company Secretary and ensures that we comply with all of our legal and statutory requirements.

All shareholders in ProSynth are past and present company employees.