Many of our services are performed under confidentiality agreement, and we have in excess of 80 such agreements in place. We also adhere to the principle that any IP (intellectual property) resulting from our work belongs to our client.

Product Groups

Since ProSynth understands and adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality, many of the products will not be listed on commercial databases. Whether enquiring about Custom Synthesis, Intermediates, Process Development or Scale-up please contact ProSynth directly.

Custom Synthesis, UK, Worldwide

Custom Synthesis

Custom synthesis represents a major activity for the company. Our constant aim is to provide a competitive and reliable service.

With versatile manufacturing capabilities and competence in multi-stage synthesis, we are able to operate on scales ranging from 100g to100kg (and beyond). We are comfortable to adopt client chemistries or to design and develop new routes of synthesis, making use of our collective experience and the chemical literature. Our project management has been highly commended, and includes regular, unprompted progress updates (often on a weekly basis) and a detailed campaign report on completion.

Medicinal Chemistry Support

We operate in a non-GMP compliant environment, which permits rapid and innovative production. We well understand the requirements of absolute confidentiality, and have rather more than 80 non-disclosure agreements in place.

Organic Electronics

ProSynth has developed significant business in this area, especially in the production of intermediates for use in organic electronics. Here material purity requirements may often be more exacting, typically >99.6% (HPLC), and again the need for confidentiality remains paramount.

Novel Intermediates, UK, Worldwide

Novel Intermediates

ProSynth has long been a producer of high quality intermediates, and the business has been built upon this solid foundation. We are not a catalogue business; materials are manufactured to order with both competitive prices and short lead times.

To date we have supplied in excess of 5,000 finished products, and we routinely perform many tens of synthetic steps per month in our laboratories using a wide range of chemistries and production techniques.

Although the in-house production capabilities will vary with the nature of the intermediate, this will typically be from 100g to 100kg. Where required (and always with express permission from our client) we are able to provide larger quantities by collaboration with our network of scale-up partners.

Process Development & Scale-up Production

Process Development

A functional laboratory procedure does not necessarily represent a developed process, suitable for larger scale production. The development process will typically aim to replace challenging reagents or solvents, optimise vessel charge, highlight energetic reactions and give due consideration to effluent streams and off gases.

We take the view that these factors should be borne in mind throughout the evolution of a synthesis. We have numerous examples where this approach has expedited project advancement, resulting in a user and environmentally friendly, robust and sustainable bulk procedure.

Clients will receive a detailed report of the work performed, delivery of any materials produced which are of interest to them, and full IP rights to the final process.

Organic Electronics Services by Prosynth

Scale-up Production

It is true than many projects will not require quantities in excess of our in-house offering of 100g to 100kg. For the occasional exception, potentially unwelcome delays for the client might be introduced.

Against this possibility, we have over many years developed a network of trusted scale partners with whom we can operate rapidly and openly. Many are in Europe, and serve well where issues of reliability and quality are paramount, though we do have a few in Asia who offer a lower cost base.

ProSynth will not seek to increase production capacity by this route without the express approval of the client. Further, the potential scale partner will be disclosed to the client, and many scale partners will welcome client audit (if required). It is often the case that the client prefers project management to remain in the hands of ProSynth.

To date, the largest production by this route is 5 metric tonnes. ProSynth produced and developed the material in-house from 1kg to 100kg before transferring the process to the scale partner.